Sunday, March 8, 2015

Nano Node Review

Micro-Node has built IRLP/Echolink nodes for years.  I always wanted to get one, but the situation never came up until this year.  I'm super busy with two jobs and full time school to contend with, so buying an already completed node felt good.  I like their work, and even though I built 4 nodes myself, they do quite a few things better than I.

My new node number is 3531, and I wound up with a Nano Node.

I found the set up to be flawless, and the node worked well out of the box. I just set it on the shelf, and the node provides service 24/7.

Mark Guibord really makes a good product, and he is willing to offer support.  I ran into him on the 9100 reflector where he was helping other hams use his product.  I am planning on setting up a VPN so I can use the Nano Node with my cell phone.  Mark will help me do this.  I'm impressed.  He's a user as well as a manufacturer.